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Produktinformationen "EAGLE EXPEDITION Jacket"

In December 2014 we introduce a new great item in our Afterdive collection – Eagle Expedition Jacket. It was designed to support “Santi – Find the Eagle” Expedition members. All details are there to protect the users and make it functional and comfortable. The jacket withstands even the toughest outdoor conditions on sea or on shore.

The jacket is equipped in 10 functional inner and outer pockets for everything that is needed at hand while expedition or during your every day. The hood has been cut especially in two adjustable parts and equipped in plastic, protective see-through shields for the stormy weather. It can be hidden in a high, warm collar. Elbows and the bottom of the jacket are protected against rubbing and soaking with professional melco tape. On the left arm Velcro tapes are adjusted to allow for mounting badges or nickname emblems. 3M type P Thinsulate gives the jacket perfect thermal protection, lightness and ease at care and washing.  


Außenschicht 100 % Polyester

Isolation : 65 % Polypropylen

                35 % Polyester



  • shell fabric: 100% polyester waterproof and breathable mvp<5000 mm,

  • liner – padded microfleece,

  • insulation – P80 Thinsulate™ 3M,

  • hood and collar finished with fleece fabric

  • waterproof seems

  • waterproof zipper on the sleeve,

  • high-visibility tapes and prints,

  • Velcro tapes for emblems,

  • cuffs protected with tapes,

  • 10 ergonomic pockets,

  • Hand protection cuffs,

  • Melco tape on elbows and back,

  • Available sizes: S-XXL,


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