Axis 4/3 mm Fullsuit

Axis 4/3 mm Fullsuit
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Axis 4/3 mm Fullsuit,  Design Ocean Ramsey, Neopren laminiert  Material: ... mehr
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Axis 4/3 mm Fullsuit,  Design Ocean Ramsey, Neopren laminiert 


88% Nylon,

5% Polyester,

7% Elastan


The Story of the Whale Shark

"Did you know whale sharks are now an endangered species. Sadly, these gentle giants are being killed at unsustainable rates, mainly for shark fin soup. The whale shark's beautiful pattern and great size - they are the largest shark species - makes them a coveted target of the shark fin soup industry. Truly tragic, since these giant filter feeders are one of the most peaceful, docile, and, in my opinion, most beautiful shark species. Their killing is also wrongheaded: The global economic value of a live whale shark far outweighs the value of its fins in the shark fin soup trade. Eco-tourism is sustainable and has multi-level benefits to local economies and the environment. Please help support responsible eco-tourism that supports research and responsible boating through their known aggregation sites. Mahalo (thank you) for purchasing this suit and becoming a voice for these voiceless, beautiful giants of the sea." - Ocean Ramsey

Your Support

Your personal involvement makes protecting sharks and other marine life a reality. Every single person makes an impact, so we hope you join our global community effort to save sharks and conserve the ocean environment for our present and future human and animal generations.


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