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SANTI Tauchanzüge und Unterzieher

SANTI Heated Gloves 2.0
SANTI Heated Gloves 2.0 SANTI beheizte Handschuhe in Größe  XLmaximum heating temperature: 45°C, 36 W power (per pair), run time with SANTI battery: battery 6Ah: 1h45min ~ 2h of heating, battery 24Ah: 9h ~10h of heating, keep you warm even when the heating is off, evenly distributed heating wiring that allows for free hand movements, wires run on the external part of hands and fingers, waterproof plug compatible with other SANTI products, works with power supply no higher than 12V.

219,00 €*
SANTI Heated Undersuit Flex 2.0
SANTI Heated Undersuit Flex 2.0 SANTI beheizter Unterzieher Flex 2.0 in Größe Lmaximum heating temperature 45°C, maximum heating power: 110 W, works with the following batteries: 24Ah battery: 2h30min ~ 3h of heating, works only with the batteries of maximum voltage of 12V, safety switch preventing from overheating and too strong current, Flex 180g/m2 thermal insulation made of fully breathable materials, keeps you warm even when heating is switched off, regularly distributed heating wiring that allows you a free movement, warms up the whole torso, thighs and arms, extra pocket for the wire ends, waterproof plug, compatible with other SANTI products, flexible and overheating resistant wires, additional wires integrated to plug in the heating gloves in standard, p-valve hose openings on both sides, two sides pockets, water-resistant cuffs, tapes, which supply air to the dry gloves, two-way zip, elastic waistband.

635,00 €*