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Tasche Stay Dry Bag grey Abverkauf
Ausführung: LF Stay Dry bag Grey
  SANTI Stay Dry bag grey Material: 100 % PVC Composition: 100% PVC Dimensions: 71 x 39 x 39 cm Colour: black with silver prints The outer pocket for personal data Inside a large zippered pocket 2 handles on both sides of the bag 4 welts on the front and back of the bag 2 straps for carrying the bag on the shoulder or on the back 2 soft undercoat straps 2 straps for carrying the bag in the hand Opened and closed with zip Fastening strap around the waist   Lieferbare Ausführungen: - SANTI Tasche Stay Dry Bag  -SANTI Tasche Stay Dry Bag Ladies First in grau, Lime oder Pink

169,00 €*