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Transport Cases

Schutzkoffer für Yellow Diving Lampen und Akkutank, verschiedene Ausführungen
Ausführung: 4419W
Case 3818W - For lights with 10,4Ah capacity battery pack. Case 4419W - For lights with 15,6Ah, 20,8Ah,27,2Ah and 40,8Ah capacity battery pack ( in den Koffer passen 1x Akkutank bis 40,8Ah , Ladegerät , 2-3 Lampenköpfe ) Kennzeichnungsfeld mit Kunststoffabdeckung Verschluss mit der Möglichkeit ein Vorhängeschloss zu verwenden sehr stabieler und Gummierter Transportgriff Druckausgleichventil   Preise für alle anderen Größen in der unten aufgeführten Tabelle fragen Sie bei Interesse bitte an.   Transport cases come in different sizes, and are tested in various extreme conditions. Recommended for both military applications and extreme expeditions and sports. Perfect for transporting diving equipment (including diving lamps), photographic equipment, video cameras, etc. Their special design ensures high rigidity, and resistance to strikes and crushing.The cases have special gaskets that give effective protection against sand and dust of various origin. On top of that, they have an air valve securing the case content against pressure fluctuations due to altitude differences or considerable temperature changes.Their very thin walls leave maximum room for the items transported and stored, at the same time guaranteeing their absolute safety.The type of the plastic used for manufacturing the device is distinguished by unparalleled thermal resistance in the range from -33 to +90 centigrades. This plastic has also perfect resistance to oils, greases and other aggressive substances.The excellent design of the seal ensures full waterproofness and watertightness, even at the depth of 10 metres.The cases provide an option to put your personal details on them by placing them on a strip that is externally secured with transparent plastic. What counts is that the strip cannot be removed without opening the case. The case can also be padlocked.The cases come empty (without the lining) or with the foam lining. The lining itself consists of two-layers of notched sponge that can be freely shaped to match your needs, plus an additional layer of sponge on the case lid. Model  Maße außen (AxBxC) [mm] Maße Innen(AxBxCxDxE) [mm] Gewicht [kg] 1908 216x180x102 190x125x85x20x60 0,7 1908W 216x180x102 190x125x85x20x60 0,7 1913 216x180x152 190x125x135x20x115 0,85 1913W 216x180x152 190x125x135x20x115 0,85 2209 246x215x112 220x160x95x20x75 0,88 2209W 246x215x112 220x160x95x20x75 0,88 2214 246x215x162 220x160x145x20x125 0,88 2214W 246x215x162 220x160x145x20x125 0,88 2712 305x270x144 276x200x120x35x85 1,7 2712W 305x270x144 276x200x120x35x85 1,7 2717 305x270x194 276x200x170x35x135 2,0 2717W 305x270x194 276x200x170x35x135 2,0 3317 360x304x194 330x234x170x68x102 2,4 3317W 360x304x194 330x234x170x68x102 2,4 4412 474x415x149 445x345x125x47x78 3,4 4412W 474x415x149 445x345x125x47x78 3,4 4820 520x435x230 480x370x200x45x155 4,5 4820W 520x435x230 480x370x200x45x155 4,5 5117 546x347x197 517x277x173x50x123 4,6 5117W 546x347x197 517x277x173x50x123 4,6 5122 546x347x247 517x277x217x50x167 4,6 5122W 546x347x247 517x277x217x50x167 4,6 5822 650x510x242 580x440x220x60x160 7,0 5822W 650x510x242 580x440x220x60x160 7,0 5833* 682x510x355 580x440x330x60x270 9,0 5833W* 682x510x355 580x440x330x60x270 9,0 7630* 860x560x330 765x485x305x60x245 11,0 7630W* 860x560x330 765x485x305x60x245 11,0 7641* 860x560x435 765x485x415x60x355 12,2 7641W* 860x560x435 765x485x415x60x355 12,2 13513* 1410x415x159 1350x350x135x20x125 8,7 13513W* 1410x415x159 1350x350x135x20x125 8,7 W - filled with foam - mit Schaumstoffeinlage* includes wheels and top haul handle - mit Rädern und Griff

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